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Multiply ERP comes with following modules. Apart from the below listed modules the product can be further customized based on the client requirement to suit the exact need.

»  Customer manager
Multiply’s Customer Management module is designed for companies to efficiently maintain customer database, keep a track of the customer follow-ups at the point of sales, record customer requirements, maintain customer purchase history and generate sale orders. This will help the company serve their clients better and faster.

Materials Manager
Multiply from Binarch will help the OEMs to efficient manage their stock items (that can be raw material or work in progress inventory or finished goods). This will help the OEMs to check the real time feasibility for a requirement from the client. This module will alert the store / purchases when the minimum stock quantity is reached with minimum re-order level. This module will also maintain a process management flow & raw material requirement for ever part number (every product).

Quality Manager
Multiply’s quality manger allows product wise inspection for the finished goods, in process and out process entries checks (Gate-in & Gate-out), item wise inspection for the procured goods from 3rd party vendors / subcontractors (Subsequently enabling the purchase manger to rate them) and there by ensures the product quality.

Process manager
The process manager helps in defining manufacturing process, generate special tools requisition, schedule in-house manufacturing, schedule production for sub-contractors (based on the volume of the business), manage stock items, manage delivery and monitor raw material prices. This module allows dynamic management of Tax applications, company’s Terms and Conditions, Rating criteria and feasible points maintenance. Process manager also takes care of receipt from production statements.

3 rd party manager
Multiply is equipped with powerful tools to manage 3rd parties like sub contractors / vendors / transporters. The production scheduling / order management for sub-contractors, raw material requisition / collection for vendors and check-in and check-out procedures for transporters are well handled by the system. 3 rd party management comes along with solutions for TAX (such as exercise, VAT, customs, TDS etc.) & terms management.

Payment Manager
Multiply’s payment manager helps to generate and manage - purchase order, quotations and Invoices from various stake holders in the value chain. This module also helps in customer follow-ups for the sales orders and the initial payment.

MIS systems
Multiply’s tailor made MIS system powers the business process of the organisation by helping in facilitating planning, highlighting the relevant information and brings co-ordination between the teams. Multiply collects stores , evaluates information systematically and routinely about clients, vendors, raw materials (stocks / prices), quality (of the vendors, sub-contractors, and finished goods), productivity levels and many more that will help the management clearly focus in the right direction. It makes control easier and supports planning and control decisions.

Company Manager
Multiply enables complete company details management that can be reviewed at any point of time. Multiply enables efficient management of employees by maintained their records. The information in the system is handled by providing user privileges so that only required details are accessed by the concerned employee. Also information such as Financial year dates / transactions can be maintained.


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