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»   Multiply your business – Multiply will greatly enhance productivity and ensure discipline, reliability and risk reduction in the system.

»  Greater simplicity for greater productivity – Multiply is designed to have a user friendly GUI so that anybody even with a little knowledge about computers can use it

»   SSS (Single Software Solution)

»  Multiply is designed to handle various kinds of participants in the business value chain such as – Supplier, Buyer, Subcontractor, transporter, internal departments, etc.

»   Multiply will have operation modules that interact with different functional unit of organisations such as – marketing, lead management, purchase, production, quality control, sales, stores maintenance and other functions.

»   Multiply is designed for improving the organizational efficiency, client handling, standardizing the process, optimally utilizing its production capacities and adhering to stringent quality checks. It will support entire business chain from marketing department to revenue realization.

»   Client friendly – Multiply is designed in such a way that it can conveniently interact with 3rd party accounting systems such as Tally and other software products.

»  Smart –Multiply will generate reports and MIS out of the data that can help in a great way to make business decisions.

»  Secure – Will have different levels of user controls / user access for different functional units of business.

»  Any time available – Comes either as a standalone package or on internet supported process.

Why Multiply from Binarch?

»  Best product from a reliable vendor – Binarch is an international IT company that has mastered product development over the years following the standard procedures and process in the industry.

»  Tailor made product –The product is developed after careful analysis and understanding of the entire value chain in the OEM business.

»  Scalability - The model is scalable and can be made available online.

»  Value guaranteed – Every module is designed after thorough evaluation and consultation from the industry experts and the underlying function of the ERP is to optimizing processes, achieve operational efficiencies, remove inefficiencies, and give a competitive edge in terms of project handling / delivery.

»  Most economic solution that can guarantee customer satisfaction

»  The system does not require any special hardware requirement

»  Secure system with level of security and control.

»  Easy to use training less environment

»  Multi-tasking, multi-threading, multi-user intranet based application with Business intelligent reporting tools

»  BI reporting and MIS reporting – will be an added advantage for the customers

Multiply ensures process flexibility and business agility.


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