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Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) face a tough challenge in the highly competitive environment to have a sustained profitable growth. SME’s ability to provide any meaningful service level expectations for their customers will create a difference and provide a competitive edge in terms their offerings. “IT for business growth” is the only way to keep abreast with the pace and continuously grow to reach the next level competing with the big players. A robust software package that can help SMEs with real time analysis and which would also help the internal departments a faster and seamless information access, reporting and MIS systems, will reduce time which is a very vital and critical factor in today’s world and also to reduce redundancy and duplicity of data and work. Multiply from Binarch is such an application that can be a boon to SMEs.

Multiply ERP is a custom made ERP product from Binarch that provides solutions and services to the small and medium manufacturing companies. Mulitply’s mission is to make our clients’ company successful by creating process dependent solutions that will ensure hassle free operations and increase the organisation productivity. Intelligent reports and MIS out of Multiply will help in making quick and informed decisions which in turn will help the organisation grow faster than its competitors.

Our cost effective, efficient solutions will bring down redundancy in the system and will help our clients effectively plan their production scheduling, mange their vendors / sub-contractors / transporters, monitor employees accountability, maintain a full fledged CRM, keep themselves abreast with the inventory positions / re-order levels / raw material prices, monitor quality levels (rate their sub-contractors), maintain purchase orders and invoice and many more.

The ERP is targeted primarily at small and medium OEMs. Multiply offers an integrated end-to-end managed solutions to small and medium businesses. Multiply is a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) ERP with rich business functionalities, ready to deploy application a right-fit for the SME segment. Multiply from Binarch is complete-powerful-smart ERP solution that can make a difference to the way a business operates for the client.


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ERP Software Packages
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